• How do I cancel an item or order?

    The first step in cancelling an item from your order (or the order in full) is to contact us as soon as possible. The best way is to email us directly at support@kyrpticwireless.com. Please remember to include your order number. 

  • How do I use my discount code?

    We all love a good deal and we want to make it simple for our customers to take advantage of the offers we send out to them. Put that code in at checkout 

  • How do I amend an order?

    First of all, please don't worry about this - it happens more often than you think! The key factor here is letting us know as quickly as possible, preferably by email (support@krypticwireless.com)

  • How do I order a catalog?

    We are delighted to learn that you are interested in receiving our Kryptic wireless catalog and hope you will enjoy browsing through our latest collection and promotions.   

  • Can I pay for my order via PayPal?

    We are happy to advise that we accept payment via PayPal . Is PayPal accepted on all orders? PayPal is only available to use when making an online order. We are unable to accept it in our stores 

  • How can I purchase a Gift Card

    We know that finding the perfect gift can sometimes be daunting, so why not let them choose? In the United States we offer a choice of Paper Gift Card  or  Email Gift Card. You can find our gift cards in wallmart.

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